Access control systems are used to control access to areas only authorised people are allowed. This can be achieved electronically by use of an electronic keypad and electronic locks in it’s simplest form to a multi door system using proximity cards or fobs controlling magnetic locks or automatic doors and barriers. The multi door system is usually controlled and programmed by using computer software. By using the software you can control who uses what door at what time of day and even which day. The software also logs and date stamps each time a card passes through a door so you can keep track on staff movement and who has been in and out of the building. The system can even perform a roll call so you can see who is in a building if an emergency arises. Utilizing quality brands we are able to install access control systems which will be reliable, feature rich and user friendly. Our systems are suitable for schools, offices, factories, health care and hotels. The systems can be either standalone or PC based for greater control. We have access to many brands which offer wired and wire free systems using wall readers and standalone handles with integrated access control technology. We are able to design, install and maintain your access control system with full technical support on site or remotely when you need it. Intercom systems There are two types of entry system, Audio and Audio / Video. An entry system is a way of keeping visitors to your home or business in one location until you verify who the visitor is before allowing them in. The difference between the two systems is that the audio system is two way speech only and audio / video is two way speech complete with a built in camera so you can speak to the visitor as well as see them. These systems can be fitted to entrance doors, gates and car barriers. The entry systems also integrate into access control systems. Our systems are suitable for homes, flats, apartments, offices and commercial properties. We have multiple options to offer such as wired, wireless, GSM and IP netwoking system, all with user friendly entrance panels which come in many styles and colours. If you already have an entry system for your property we can add additional phones, upgrade and repair most systems. Call us now to discuss your options or arrange a free survey and quotation. 0117 9075709

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